Cosmetic Dentistry: Understanding Porcelain Crowns

dental crown

Porcelain crowns look like tooth “caps” placed over a tooth in order to restore its form, size as well as strength. They can also enhance its overall look. After being cemented they will completely cover the entire visible part of the tooth affected just above the gumline. In this article, we’ll provide you with all the information […]

What Precisely is Digital Advertising and marketing?

When we first meet with a new client and ask if they are currently using digital marketing campaigns to grow their business, a lot of the time we get asked a lot of questions to clarify what we mean. Many independent dental practices still rely mostly on what we would consider traditional marketing (direct mail, […]

Katy Perry reveals Orlando Bloom ‘leaves dental floss in all places’

Katy Perry is engaged to one of Hollywood’s most admired actors, but it seems not even Orlando Bloom is exempt from having filthy habits. Good dental hygiene doesn’t always mean you’re clean. US pop star Katy Perry revealed that her fiance Orlando Bloom’s worst habit is leaving his used floss “everywhere” in their home, NY […]

‘Emily in Paris’ Is TV for the Dentist’s Workplace

One of the greatest leaps forward we’ve made as a society in the last decade or so has been adding televisions to dentists’ offices. It’s a simple formula: one of the most miserable things in the world (dental work) plus one of life’s great joys (television) equals an experience that doesn’t entirely make you want […]

Children from low revenue group liable to dental problems

Lucknow, Jan 16 (IANS): A study conducted by doctors of King George’s Medical University (KGMU) in Lucknow has found that children from low-income families are more prone to tooth decay, mainly due to unhygienic dental practices. The study was conducted on 1,000 children, aged between two and five years, who had come to dental faculty […]

Seven methods to make your advertising and marketing work onerous for you

Bhavna Doshi takes a look at focusing on a targeted approach to marketing, and how to make it work for you. In order to establish a clinical practice where you are able to continually perform the type of dentistry that you enjoy you need to be attracting the right calibre of patients to your practice. […]

Dental Issues in Females – Jammu Kashmir Newest Information | Tourism

Dr. Gautam SharmaThroughout a women’s life, hormonal influences affects the dental tissues especially gingiva (gums) which is a part of periodontal structure. Hormonal changes increases the risk of periodontal disease. Therefore, it becomes utmost important for a dentist to recognize and treat the female patient with an appropriate therapy. The specialist who treats the periodontal […]

Dentist’s Bone Graft Substitute Market with CAGR 8.5% – Hunter Ladies’s Chronicle

Read Time:1 Minute, 47 Second Dentists with bone graft substitutes need powerful marketing tools to help spread awareness of their product. This article discusses how essential online content marketing is for dentists and how it can grow their businesses in the future. What is the market size and revenue? Ostras, o muelas, dentes cariados, con […]

Dental Reimbursements Might Enhance Entry for MN Children / Public Information Service

This month, Minnesota has raised state reimbursement rates for dentists who accept patients enrolled in the state’s Medicaid program. Groups working with families in need believe it will get more young children into a dentist’s office. Kraig Gratke, executive director of the Minnesota Head Start Association, said roughly 88% of the kids signed up for […]